Where to Find iPhone Downloaded Files

Retrieving downloaded files on your iPhone might be difficult when compared to other devices. This article will definitely come in handy if you can’t find the downloaded files on your iPhone. You can also find downloaded PDFs on your iPhone using the guides in this article. This article also answers the question “how do I find the downloaded pdf on my iPhone?”.

Every iPhone user should know that there’s a special folder where IOS stores its downloads. You will find this special folder in your file app. If you’re having any difficulties locating the files app, type in files after you’ve swiped across the middle of the home screen. Open the Files app after you’ve located it on your iPhone.
Once you’ve opened the files app, Choose the “Browse” tab located at the bottom, then tap “On My iPhone”.
You should see a list of folders under the “On My iPhone” tab. Generally, downloaded files are saved to the “Downloads” folder. Once you’ve opened the download folder, you’ll see the lists of files you downloaded. If you still can’t find the downloaded file you’re looking for, then open another folder under “On My iPhone” other than “Downloads”.
Once you’ve seen the file file you’ve been looking for, you can tap and hold it to open a pop-up menu or tap it to preview it. That’s basically how you can find downloaded files on your iPhone.

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