Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Spend All Your Time Playing Mobile Games Daily

In this article, you will learn some of the top 3 reasons why you should not spend all your time playing mobile games daily.

Mobile gaming is one of the best innovations that has benefited mobile technology in recent years, and with this development, mobile users can now easily connect with multiple players from different regions on their mobile phones.

There are many top multi-player battle royale games out there, but in this article we’ll try to cover some reasons why you should spend less time gaming on your mobile phone daily.

1. Environment

If you are focusing most of your time on mobile gaming, you might no longer have the time to do certain things.
For example, someone who doesn’t have a partner who takes care of basic chaos at home might end up ignoring the environment, which might lead to other dirtiness.

2. Work

If you fall under the category of people that have jobs or school projects to handle, then playing mobile games for more than 180 minutes daily is definitely a bad move.
You can do both, but just make sure to reduce your screen time. Modern day smartphones have features that can help, like Focus Mode, Parental Control, and even an Alarm.

3. Social activities

If you are always playing mobile games for unusual hours daily, you will definitely not have time for friends and other social activities. This can affect how you interact with people in the long run, but in recent times, mobile battle royale games seem to solve this problem by allowing gamers to interact while they play.

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