How to Screenshot on Windows PC

This article will guide you through the steps on how to screenshot on windows PC.

We all know screenshots as a mobile thing, but modern day laptops and computers also have this feature. If you own a Windows PC and you will like to take a screenshot, then continue reading.

What are the requirements for taking screenshots on Windows?

Things you will need for this guide are already available on your Windows PC. Things like:

  • The default Paint app for windows.
  • A working keyboard.
  • Definitely a PC running Windows OS.

How to Screenshot on Windows PC

We’ll be taking screenshots with the Print Screen button, which is found on the top right corner of your keyboard. There are different shortcut combinations for taking screenshots on Windows, but this guide will focus on the easiest.

1. Print Screen (PrtScn) or Function (fn) + Print Screen (PrtScn)

Clicking on the Print Screen (PrtScn) button will capture the entire screen. But for some PCs, you’ll need to use Function (fn) + Print Screen (PrtScn).

This method will not save the screen to a directory on your computer, so you’ll need to do this manually. This is where the paint app comes in handy.

All you have to do after clicking the screenshot button is to open Paint and paste the screenshot. You can use Ctrl+V to paste or right click on your mouse.

2. Win + Print Screen

This method captures the entire screen, just like the first method, but you don’t need to manually save the screen.

This shortcut automatically saves the image to a directory on your computer, in most cases C:UsersPictures>Screenshots.

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