How to Hide Videos and Pictures on iPhone or iPad

In this guide, you will learn how to hide videos and pictures on your iPhone or iPad.

Apple devices come with a photo app pre-installed, and this app has some functions, one of which includes the built-in “Hide” option that makes it possible to prevent people who have access to your phone from viewing your content.

How to Hide Photos and Videos in the Photos App

Follow the steps below to hide your photos and videos with the default Photos App.

  1. First, launch the “Photos” app, and navigate to the album that contains the photos or videos you wish to hide.
  2. Then, tap the “Select” option.
  3. Now, select the photos or videos you want to hide.
  4. Tap the option at the bottom of the screen and choose “Hide”.
  5. Finally, confirm your selection by selecting “Hide Photo/Video.”

That’s all. Your hidden content will now be moved to an album called “Hidden”. The downside to this Hide feature on the iPhone photo app is that you can’t “lock” the hidden album, or even hide a photo behind a Face or Touch ID, or passcode.

We might see the “Hidden” album improved in future iOS updates when the option of accessing the album will require a passcode or password.

You can use a third-party file locker app on your iPhone or iPad if you want to keep your hidden items private.

How to Hide Photos and Videos in a File Locker App

A dedicated file locker app is designed specifically with privacy in mind. This is why you should consider this option, which allows you to hide your content behind a simple passcode or password lock.

On iOS, you can try out apps like Folder Lock, Private Photo Vault, and Keepsafe. However, there are still many other file locker apps available in the App Store. Choose one you trust to hold your private photos and videos.

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