Complete Steps to Follow When Your iPhone Battery is Yellow

You have been using your iPhone for a while without experiencing an issue, but recently you noticed that your battery icon has suddenly turned yellow. There is actually nothing to worry about, and this article will guide you through the steps to follow when your iPhone battery is yellow.

Why is my iPhone’s battery icon yellow?

Well, if you’re still yet to answer this question, then that means you didn’t intentionally turn on Low Power Mode from your iPhone settings. Maybe you might have unknowingly enabled Low Power Mode when your iPhone battery reached 20% and a pop-up window asked if you’d like to enable the power mode. This is the reason why your iPhone’s battery has turned yellow all of a sudden, and not because of an issue that needs fixing.

Complete steps to follow when your iPhone battery is Yeltlow

Follow the steps below to enable or disable the Low Power Mode feature, which is the reason why your battery icon has changed colour.

First, go to Settings.

Then go to Battery, and then toggle “Low Power Mode” off.

Alternatively, you can also turn Low Power Mode on and off from the iPhone’s Control Center.

Go to Settings > Control Center.

Then Customize Controls, and select Low Power Mode to add it to Control Center.

That’s all. Your battery turning yellow shouldn’t be a problem because it just reduces performance when your battery is low and then automatically turns off when you recharge your iPhone battery past 80%.

Here are some features that are disabled when Low Power Mode is enabled:

  • 5G on iPhone 12 models
  • Auto-Lock
  • Display brightness
  • iCloud Photos (temporarily paused)
  • Display refresh rate is limited up to 60 Hz
  • Some visual effects
  • Automatic downloads
  • Background app refresh
  • Email fetch

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