5 Best Automation Tools to Create Automated Twitter Posts

In this article, you will learn about the 5 best automation tools to create automated Twitter posts.

You might think that it costs a fortune to keep your Twitter account active, open and responsive, but with Twitter automation tools, you only need to invest a minimum of effort to create automated posts on your Twitter account without worrying about costs.

There are a few automation tools that can help you become successful on Twitter while you focus on your life offline, and we’ll be sharing the best 5 out of a long list of many, but before that, let’s understand a little bit about automation.

What are Twitter Automation Tools?

We all know what the word Automation means and with this in mind, you should have an idea about the functions of Twitter automation tools. These tools make it possible to keep track of your social media schedule by creating automated Twitter posts that run based on your designated scheduled date.

This means you don’t actually have to be online before you can create posts on your Twitter account. You can just schedule posts to run throughout the week, which gives you more time to focus on other things.

5 Best Automation Tools to Create Automated Twitter Posts

Here are 5 best Twitter automation tools to help you manage your Twitter tasks and give you more time to focus on other things.

1. Buffer – Twitter Automation Tool

Buffer is one of the most sought-after automation tools that makes it possible to create automated Twitter posts with ease. You can easily schedule tweets by navigating through their easy-to-use dashboard.

Buffer is a great free Twitter automation software that allows you to schedule up to 10 tweets at a time and also view great analytics that will provide you with insights into which of your posts get the most engagement or traffic.

2. SocialOomph – Twitter Post Automation

Another top-notch Twitter post scheduler is SocialOomph, which allows you to set up a queue of tweets and an interval at which you want tweets to get published on your Twitter account.

One unique feature of SocialOomph is that you can automatically make a post to repost after some time. This feature is helpful to content marketers and bloggers who have relevant content that users want to see again.

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3. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse offers more flexible scheduling options for Twitter, and this is another reason they appear on this list. Just like SocialOomph, AgoraPulse also allows you to reschedule posts.

4. Personal Auto DM – Automated Messaging Tool

Automation is not limited to scheduling tweets. You can also send out spam-free automated direct messages on Twitter.

Personal Auto DMworks directly with Twitter’s API to send up to 250 automated messages per day. The best part about this tool is that messages are delayed for up to 15-30 minutes after someone follows, so your messages do not look like spam.

Personal Auto DM is not a free-to-use tool, but pricing starts at $3.99.

5. Social Juke Box

Social Juke Box was formerly known as Tweet Juke Box, but they still offer the same scheduling features that you can use for Twitter. The platform uses juke boxes in place of queues to store your tweets.

You can create different juke boxes and set a schedule or intervals at which you want the tool to post updates for each.

Twitter Automation Tip

While creating automated Twitter posts and messages, you should also make sure to comply with Twitter’s rules. This includes making sure not to repeat posts more often than every 48 hours.

This means that when you use the recurring queue option, there should be a considerable number of different tweets, so you do not republish the same updates within 48 hours.

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